Saturday, February 28, 2009

Helping Others with the Law of Attraction

The Truth About Helping Others with the Law of Attraction

You might think that by helping others, it is helping you demonstrate how to apply the Law of Attraction through compassion and gratitude. This could be true (or not) depending on how you help others when you are intentionally applying the Law of Attraction.

The question is really: Why do you help others? Many people don't give for the sake of giving. They sometimes have agendas attached to the 'help' and the giving. Agendas may include wanting to convince someone else that you are a 'good' person, giving so it will bring your LOA manifestation quicker through compassion and gratitude (this one's the Hey Universe, look at me! ploy. The Universe is smarter than that!), showing another person that you are better than they are by giving, maybe you're ashamed that you have money and give and help out of a sense of 'money guilt', and the list doesn't stop here.

It is always wonderful to help and give to your fellow man; you don't have to have a reason to do it. But the Universe knows the true reason you give and will return to you what and why you give through your feelings. You see, you can't hide the true reason because it is your feelings that speak to the Universe, and you can't hide your feelings. In effect, we 'tell on ourselves' to the Universe, and this is part of the Universal truth. And it is a good thing!

If you are giving out of ego, you will receive the same. If you are giving from shame, be prepared for more shaming experiences.

How you give is important, with or without the Law of Attraction. But we guarantee that no matter how you give, the Universe has your number and you will soon receive what you have given out with the intention you included with the help you gave.

Give for the sake of giving. Give from a caring and loving heart. Give minus the ego and the inflation of the physical self. If you give and you say to yourself, I'm so good. I helped and gave to another human being. Get a load of me! You are giving from the space of ego.

When you give of your time or your money with a caring and compassionate heart, you will be rewarded with care and compassion in your own life.

There is only one way to help another person and that is with an open heart and a feeling of joy because you are helping someone who needs help. The person you are helping is also you, if you think about it, because you are always a reflection of your inner thoughts.

Go out and do a wonderful deed for the sake of doing a wonderful deed and not because you expect anything in return (except for a smile and a thank you). And how you help will determine if you get a smile and a thank you back from the Universe.

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